Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting closer!

I talked to the breeder yesterday. I got to hear his sweet little "peep, peep" chirping - made me think of Easter. :)

First, we still don't know the sex because they needed more blood. It will be another week to 10 days because they had to re-test.

Second, he flew across the room yesterday morning! She said he had a nice landing and everything! He was trying to get to his little buddies - the Quaker babies he had been hanging out with. How sweet is that?!

She said he's such a sweet baby, when he does get to hang out with the little Quakers he never picks at them or becomes agressive, even given the size difference. What a good baby! :)

She said he's been refusing his formula recently. He gets all excited, asking to be fed, then doesn't want it when he gets it. He's doing well eating everything else, too - hasn't turned anything down yet.

After begging her to give me an estimate (that obviously, I won't hold her to) , she said about two weeks...depending on weather. It's getting SO close!

I am keeping myself busy getting everything ready - I've been ordering everything I've been shopping for over the last few months and having fun going through everything as it gets here.

So far, this is what I've got:

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