Friday, July 4, 2008

I wanted to write about Magnus and my husband. It's kind of a funny relationship. ;-)

My husband (says he) doesn't care for "your bird". Yet, I've seen him talking to him when he thinks no one is looking, putting aside something for Magnus to eat, trying to pet Magnus, and other little displays of affection, that are adamently denied.

He did make several outward well known attempts, since (in his words) they "are going to be together for a long time, so we better get used to each other". Magnus, of course, has thwarted every attempt. Apparently, he has enough friends in me and the kids!

It's almost funny to watch my husband try to get Mags to step up. Mags sees him coming, and gets ready for him. Sometimes he nips, sometimes he flies away. Then my husband looks at me and rolls his eyes. God forbid Mike come near me when Mags is on him. He acts like Mike is going to attack him!

The only time Mike is allowed to touch Magnus is at night, when Mags is on the boing ready for bed. That's when they are buddies. Mike will stand there and scratch his neck, rub his head and rub his beak. Mags coos and clicks.

But come sun rise...he actively avoids Mike all over again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Okay, so I've decided life is just busy and that's how it is going to be. I wish I could post more often, but I just don't have time this season of the year.

Anyway, Mags is doing great. We had a bit of a scare last month, though. He was really, really sick. One night before bed, he was hanging out on his boing and I thought "hmm, what's the matter buddy?" - something just seemed off. The next morning he didn't get up until 8am and usually, I'd have been hearing something from him around six. He didn't come to me, I had to go get him to bring him downstairs. I took him down and put him on top of his cage, and went to the kitchen to get breakfast. Usually, he's right there next to me, "helping" get the smoothie together. I went to the living room and found him inside his cage - right then and there I knew something was up.

I called the vet to make an appointment...first available was the next morning! I was like...yeah, um I need to bring him in today! They are really great at his Vet's office so when I said that, they said to bring him right in. I quick got a sitter for the kids and got there in less than 15 minutes. Dr. Clark could tell right away something was wrong. Long morning short, he had four vials of blood taken, IV antibiotics, sub q fluids, and oral pain meds. We got some abx and pain medication to bring home, and an offer for him to stay at the vets. I chose to bring him home, knowing he'd be much happier than being alone in a cage at a strange smelling place with no one knows there with him. Four hundred and fifty dollars later, we left...

He didn't eat much that day, but was much better the next day. Definitely not 100%, but much, much better for sure. I called the Doctor to let her know all was well and she said she was very happy to hear that, since she got the bloodwork back and the numbers were scary bad. That was about a month ago, and I am happy to report he is back to his perfectly healthy, perfectly trouble-making self. :o)

We went down the shore and Mags came with us. He didn't get to go to the beach, I was afraid the sea gulls would freak him out. One morning we were still in bed and Mags flew onto the tv and said, in front of everyone, "Duh duh duh duh duh DUH! Good Boy!". We all cracked up! Silly boy.

Magnus' new favorite food is watermelon. He just loves it! Drinks the juice, chomps the rind and eats the sweet stuff. We have to fight him off our share, cause he eats his so quick!

We have been riding bikes alot, and of course...Mags comes with us. I wrapped some cotton on the middle of my handlebars, so all I have to do is slap his harness on and away we go. Of course, one night we got home late I completely forgot to take the harness off and he ate it off. I need to get another one, cause he's stuck in the house until I do. Except for when he goes for a ride in the car, I use his travel cage. At least he's not bored...

Oh, I do have a question about his feathers. He had like a dry spot on his face, where his beak meets his head. A little spot, about 8 feathers were gone. Looks like it was dry skin or something. I thought it was maybe from the abx? I teased him, saying he had a "receeding feather line". Hehe! Anyway, the new feathers are growing in, and it hasn't affected any other part of his body. (I checked.) And I made sure he got extra chances to get wet.

He is such a chatterbox - when there is lots of activity, like he's competing for attention. If all the kids are talking, all excited, he just has to chime in. It's like listening to someone talk in their sleep. You can almost make out what he's saying, but not quite. Anyone else have a Timneh talk at 6 months?

Okay, that's all I have for now. Hopefully, I'll get my pics up soon so I can get them up here! He's so cute, I hate not having any recent ones! Enjoy your holiday this weekend, if you celebrate. :o)