Friday, July 4, 2008

I wanted to write about Magnus and my husband. It's kind of a funny relationship. ;-)

My husband (says he) doesn't care for "your bird". Yet, I've seen him talking to him when he thinks no one is looking, putting aside something for Magnus to eat, trying to pet Magnus, and other little displays of affection, that are adamently denied.

He did make several outward well known attempts, since (in his words) they "are going to be together for a long time, so we better get used to each other". Magnus, of course, has thwarted every attempt. Apparently, he has enough friends in me and the kids!

It's almost funny to watch my husband try to get Mags to step up. Mags sees him coming, and gets ready for him. Sometimes he nips, sometimes he flies away. Then my husband looks at me and rolls his eyes. God forbid Mike come near me when Mags is on him. He acts like Mike is going to attack him!

The only time Mike is allowed to touch Magnus is at night, when Mags is on the boing ready for bed. That's when they are buddies. Mike will stand there and scratch his neck, rub his head and rub his beak. Mags coos and clicks.

But come sun rise...he actively avoids Mike all over again!

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Anonymous said...

hey! just checking in on my fav TAG! I'm sorry he was sick... its easy when they're that young. I went through it with Mia too.

She's getting her "grown up" red shoulders!!! And is too smart for her own good! Magnus sounds wonderful!!!

I miss you on the perch!

(aka thejoie)