Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just waiting...and waiting...

I talked to my breeder again the other day and we had a nice long conversation about showering, harnessing and clipping vs not clipping. Oh, yeah...and the weather! (We both want it to warm up soon!) I really enjoy talking to her, she always has such interesting stories about her experiences with birds.

Mainly, we talked about clipping...

I have done alot of reading on it and I had always leaned more towards me not clipping. But recently realized I'm not sure if I ever want him clipped (as in having him come home from the breeder fully flighted).

I just feel bad thinking of him coming to a new home, new people, new sounds and smells and everything else, and not being able to fly after having been able to for the last few weeks. I think it would be scary.

I took as many precautions as possible - ceiling fans off at the fan and the switch so there are no accidental turn ons, every single window has a screen, I ordered a beaded curtain for the doorway to the kitchen (which leads through the laundry room to the back door), I'm getting special stickers for mirrors/windows and will regularly take him around to let him become familiar with where and what they are, front door locked from the inside so no one opens it unexpectedly, none of my kids open the front door without an adult (or the older ones without permission) because we live on a busy-ish street and I'm paranoid, I'm also planning to start recall training as soon as possible...

I think it may seem not quite as overwhelming to me because having young children, I am still in that mindset. I also tend to believe my older kids are a bit more aware than the average kid, because they are used to our younger kids being around and needing to keep them safe (although I would never assume that was the case, and become careless about it - I know ultimately, it is my responsibility).

It's becoming more and more clear to me, I don't want to clip. (Obviously, though, if it becomes a safety issue at any point, I will have no problem clipping to keep the bird - and/or my family - safe.)

My concern, and that of my breeder, was the actual shipping part. She had an experience a few years ago, where an airline employee took an animal out of its shipping crate. Not good. So we did discuss using extra zip ties and putting stickers on to warn people not to open it. (And as was suggested to me, maybe a few with FLIGHTED BIRD and NO FINGERS IN CAGE might be helpful, too.)

I've been thinking about it alot, and there are risks with everything. If we take every possible precaution, I think the benefits of keeping the bird flighted at this point, will outweigh the risks. I'm grateful my breeder is open enough to be willing to do what I choose. Thanks, Sherri.

Now that baby just needs to hurry up and come home! I have this nice cage all set up with fun toys, just waiting to be played with...LOL

Oh and I expect to hear what the sex of the baby Grey is this week! Hopefully, the beginning of the week...

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