Saturday, March 8, 2008

Quick update...

I called the breeder tonight, and asked her to just tell me some stories about him. (I probably should have warned her before she reserved the baby for me, that patience is definitely not my strong suit!)

She said he is doing well eating, gets all excited about being handfed but quickly becomes disinterested when he realizes its formula and winds up not getting much at all. She said he has recently discovered digging - sending food all over the place! He is utilizing all parts of his cage, manuevering around pretty well. We talked about his toys, which kinds he likes and which ones he doesn't care for - apparently his rope swing is his favorite, so I'm gonna try to get him one for his cage here. She said he vocalizes alot (I got to hear him over the phone :) so she thinks he might be a good talker, since that has been her experience. That would be so neat if he actually does learn to talk! She also told me he is a nice little snuggler.

At this point, I expect to hear from her shortly after Easter with a more clear idea of when he will be coming home.

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