Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Small update...

I got in touch with the breeder yesterday, she is such a sweet person. I'm sure she's taking great care of our Baby Grey Bird. :) I called at feeding time and actually got to hear him cheeping over the phone!

She said he is growing like a weed and loves to eat - just like his momma and big sister. :) He is rooming in with a baby cockatiel and when they get all excited and hungry, they cheep and flap around together. Sometimes he gets impatient and tries to chomp on the cockatiel's wing while waiting for food! Silly birdie! She also told me he knows what he wants, and he wants it now! (So he'll fit in our family very well! LOL)

She said she took pics a few days ago, just hasn't got them on the computer yet - but she will take some more and send them so we can see how much our little one has grown. I can't wait!

Before we hung up, I got the address to send a Christmas gift from the kids, and plan to package it up and get it out tomorrow, hopefully it gets there before Christmas! We decided on a little stuffed animal for him to snuggle with, a shredding toy and a small foot toy. I hope he likes it! I'm not quite sure what size he is now and hope he's not intimidated, or upset, by anything.

The lady at the pet store we bought the stuff from asked what kind of bird we have and I told her none yet, but we're getting ready for a Baby Grey - she said she has two Greys, and 23 birds total! Plus 11 dogs and scorpions, etc. Gulp!

He's really starting to chunk up a bit, isn't he? :)

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