Monday, January 28, 2008

Had a little scare!

So, I totally freaked out a little bit...

I hadn't heard from the breeder for a while, so I emailed her last week and never got a response. I decided to call. All it did was ring, no answer and no machine. I sent a friendly, but obviously panicked, email begging for contact. It bounced back. Up to that point, I had questioned if I was overreacting. But when that happned, I felt justified and started worrying...

But then, some friends online suggested I call back. I did and she answered the phone. I was very relieved to hear her voice! Turns out she was helping her husband with his business over the weekend, her machine didn't pick up because she is on dial up and was on the computer, and apparently aol was having some issues - so the email coming back was on my end. Everything is fine - phew! I felt bad when she was explaining, but she was so sweet about it! Encouraged me to call any time to check in, and she totally nderstood how hard it is to make such an important purchace sight unseen.

She said the baby is doing well - he was sleeping when we talked. He eats well, likes to play and is growing like a weed. :)

I sent in the payment to have the baby dna sexed and should get the results in about two weeks. Hopefully, they come before we leave for Florida! So, what do you it a boy, or a girl?!?

Well, that was my excitement for the afternoon! Hopefully next time I update I will have some new pictures! I can't wait to see how the baby has changed. :)

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