Friday, April 4, 2008

First things first, his name is Magnus. :)

I've been a bit busy, this is my first chance I've had to update.

The trip to get him went well, overall. There was a traffic jam on the turnpike though - a dumptruck smashed into a concrete wall that poured over onto a road below. It was pretty backed up for quite a while...

We found our way to Cargo City and went right in. I told them I was there for an African Grey, a bird. The guy was like "An African bird? I didn't know Africa has birds." When he came out with him, he was like "Oh, I thought it said BIRO". I was like ??? Whatever. They had my bird and they gave him to me, that's all that mattered.

In the car, we talked to him for a minute, then my three year old convinced me to let him out (it didn't take much convincing, I will admit). So he came out and everything was okay for a minute, but then he made a honking sound that I knew meant he wasn't happy, so he went back in, and we were on our way home!

My son fed him snacks through the slots on the side of the carrier and sang Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the way home, to "help him feel safe". Which, apparently worked, because he was calm for the ride.

When we got home, I put the carrier inside his cage and he came out right away. He had a couple flying adventures and I had to hold my hand up so he could land, or the kids would point him to the huge sphere I made, hanging in the living room. He needs to work on his landings, though. I think once he gets used to where its safe to land, he'll be fine. I will have my husband hang a few more hooks around so he has a few choices.

We've been doing well, I think. He wakes me up (much, much earlier than I'm used to, I might add ;) ) and he poops, eats and plays on me while I get on the computer (although that doesn't last long). Then the kids come down and he plays with them, and/or goes on the cage. I'm really impressed that he can entertain himself the way he does. We've gone out both today and yesterday in the afternoon to give him some peace, and when we come home, I say hello, scritch him a bit and open the door to his cage. Then he just plays on top. He does let me know when he wants me though, calls out and twice, he flew over and landed on my head!

I've had to stop wearing my wedding ring, because he wants to chew it. It's the only piece of jewelry that I wear (well, wore...) and he's started to take an interest in my glasses.

I am surprised how gentle he is, and how smart...already! Before he takes anything from my hand (toy or food) he will look at me and make a questioning noise, like "is this for me?". When he steps up, he is very cautious - checks out how steady his spot is first. I love when he wakes me up in the morning by stretching his wings out and looking over at me, and doing it again and again until I talk to him. Very sweet!

He plays all over his cage, but generally likes to stay towards the front. On top of his cage is a tray with all kinds of little plastic things - old bristle blocks, lids, blocks, etc. He really seems to like digging around in there.

I just love the soft cooing sounds and noises he makes. He definitely has alot to say! He took a shower today, and was super cute - he kept trying to catch the water with his little talon!

We are making lots of progress in only a short time. I would never leave him alone in the room with my cat, but we are at the point where the cat can at least be in the house while the bird is with me. He doesn't seem interested in him, unless he flies or flaps, or drops something and then he just comes to attention and watches him for a second or two.

He makes a sound like a bicycle horn sometimes. I asked some bird people and they think he might want some warm mushy food, and that seems to be it. I've actually planned on offering him something warm (oatmeal or something) before bed, and he likes it. Then my daughter reads him Five Little Monkeys and puts him to bed. It's cute. :)

I'm sure I forgot something, but that's all I have time for right soon!

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