Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good grief.

I don't know if anyone is still checking in, its been so long...but thought I'd post a nice update about Magnus anyway.

He is super sweet and he thinks he is one of the kids, although I think he is a pig in grey feathers. He flies really, really well. He lands on our heads, which I discourage and now he will actually land on my shoulder instead, after I remind him.

He goes with us for car rides, to the park and on errands. On Memorial Day he went with us to the farm and for a horse/buggy ride. (I got great pics and will post a link as soon as the pics are uploaded.) One time, on the walking path at a park, he was flying above me (on his harness) and came down to land. A poor old man was walking with his wife and shouted "That bird is attacking that woman!" I couldn't help but laugh!

He is quite the chatter box already! Lots of times he mumbles, and I listen to hear what he's saying, and on voices - he has quite a few different sounding ones. I think I hear things like Pretty Birdie, Hello, Come here, Step Up and Good Boy. Twice he said something clear as day (and I wasn't the only person who heard him, so I know I'm not making it up!). I will try to get a video of it to post. He seems to be the most chatty after a bath, or while the water is running, and later in the morning after hes eaten and done his daily rounds to all his "spots". The boing - which is his favorite spot to hang out - is in front of the living room door, which leads to the enclosed porch to the front door. Every time someone goes toward the door, I say "Watch the door!". Well, one night someone opened the door and before I got a chance to remind them Mags was on the boing, he said "Watch the door!" The other time he was in the bathroom, which is connected to the room with our computer. I was out of his line of vision and he said "Whatcha doin?". I know it sounds crazy since he's only 6 months old, and I was going to ask if its possible, but I've heard him, so I know it is! Oh, and once I was in the computer room, and Magnus was downstairs. I heard the baby crying, and I went to get up but realized she was asleep in my lap - it was Magnus!

His favorite foods are dried pasta, cheerio type cereal and corn bread. He does not like anything too cold.

I'd love to say we are doing lots of training, but we're just not. It's been busy and hectic. I will say though, that I think he is getting plenty of training just by living. He knows where his boing, sphere and cage are, and will go to them a good percentage of times when I direct him to. He also comes about 8 of 10 times when I call, unless he's doing something particularly naughty or interesting, and can't be bothered with boring ole me.

He's not a big chewer, not to say his wood toys aren't picked at - they are, just not as much as I thought, I guess. He prefers foot toys, and things he can peel/pick apart. His three favorites are his toothbrush, a pacifier and some twisty screw/washer type toy. Oh, and paper. He likes to rip apart paper. He also does a good job foraging. He has a couple foraging toys he likes, and does well with. Plus, I wrap stuff up in a cupcake holder and hide it places he goes. It's fun to watch him find them.

He's not too fond of my husband. Got better after I was gone for two days, though. Doesn't mind 3 of the 5 kids, could take them or leave them. Unless they have food, of course...then he loves them! He likes to antagonize my six year old - swipes by his head as he flies past! And he loves the baby, they are best buddies. He sits behind her and she shares with him. He gives her sweet kisses all the time and is so, so gentle with her. It's cute.

Also, he escaped from his cage for the first time! I guess he didn't like being in there... Usually he doesn't spend much time in his cage, except for every once in a while he gets a little awnry so I stick him in there to calm down. And he goes in if I cook - good thing I don't do that often! LOL Otherwise, if he is behaving, he has free reign in the living room. - he has his cage, his stand, his boing and his sphere that he has access to.

He does a good job entertaining himself, but loves to be with me while I'm chopping up veggies/fruit. (He's a sneaky little theif, too!) He also enjoys irritating the cat...little bugger!

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure there's something I've forgotten. I hope to be better about posting, but its just so nice outside! I'll be back to update this post with pictures as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!


Kimba's Corner said...

hey! Hows it going??????? Must be very busy! Great update

Paulie von Beaker said...

Kimba! Hi! Things are good - busy, busy, busy. Looking forward to fall so we can slow down. :)

I hope to get back to birdtalk very soon - I miss everyone!